School Directory

School Directory

School Directory

School Directory

Welcome to Corpus Christi Catholic School Directory.  You will find below tabs to lead you to various sub-sets of our school contacts.  Feel free at any time, however, to call us at
(309) 662-3712 and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.  God bless you today and always.










Preschool, Jennifer McDermott email class site
Preschool, Jane McConnell email class site
Preschool, Michelle Zlatic email class site
Preschool, Natalie Perry email class site
 Preschool, Jessica Roig email class site

Kindergarten Room K, Jaci Hoeniges email class site
Kindergarten Room M, Stefanie Nelson email class site

1st Grade Room I, Laura Kiley email class site
1st Grade Room J, Peg Kuntz email class site

2nd Grade Room N, Allison Duff email class site 
2nd Grade Room O, Dana Kessinger email class site

3rd Grade Room F, Regina Stenger email class site
3rd Grade Room E, Deborah Blue email class site

4th Gr Rm D,  4/5 Math - Linda McClure email class site
4th Gr Rm C, 4/5 Science & SocStudies - Deb Rettig email class site

5th Grade Room A, 4/5 SELA- Becky Hester email class site
5th Grade Room B, 4/5 ELA- Kelly Swanson email class site

6th - 8th Grade English-Language Arts, Kelly Sims email class site
6th - 8th Grade Math, Joe Neitz email class site
6th - 8th Grade Science, Sabrina Power  email class site
6h - 8th Grade Religion, Mary Stratman email class site
6th - 8th Grade Social Studies, Kelly Schanaberger email class site

Band, Melissa Jorstad email class site
Computer, Abby Whittington email class site
Library, Vianne Kirchner email class site
Music, Julie Rhoades email class site
Athletic Director, Pat O'Brien email  
Physical Education, Sue Nevius email class site
Reading Intervention, Elizabeth Henry email class site
Spanish email  class site
Art/Special Services, Terri Ann Bauer email class site
Speech and Language, Cathy Luesing email class site
Teacher's Aide (Nelson), Julie Plattner email  
 Teacher's Aide (Hoeniges), MaryKay Killian email  
Teacher's Aide (Roig), Kaitlyn Crutchfield email  
Teacher's Aide (McConnell), Carolyn Thompson email  
Teacher's Aide (McDermott), Aleshia Guerrettaz email  
Teacher's Aide (Zlatic), Jenny Cook email   
Teacher's Aide (Perry), Becky Rohrig email  
Resource Aid, Barb Schlenker email


Principal, Corpus Christi Catholi School, (Interim), J. Clark email  

Assistant Principal, Judy Clark  
Secretary Junior High, Emily Crawford email   
Secretary Elementary, Molly Vogel email  
Business Manager, Elisa Shanks email  

Kitchen Coordinator, Kris Hinderks email   
Kitchen Staff:  Paige Hubal, Cathy Naleway, Angie Quinn    

Maintenance Supervisor:  David Fischer email  
Custodians:  Dave Gould and John Jamison    

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Holy Trinity Catholic Church
  and Historic St. Patricks

Reverend Father Anthony Lee 

Reverend Father Jeff Windy 

HT Church website

HSP Church website

St. Patrick Catholic Church of Merna
   and St. Mary of Downs 

Reverend Monsignor Greg Ketcham

Reverend Father John Steffen

Merna Church website

St. Mary Church website