4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team





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4th Math: Math4Today, Look over Day 1, Do (or be prepared for) Day 2


4th grade Literature:

4th Social Studies:

4th Science:

4th grade English:   


5th Math- 


5th Literature-  

5th Social Studies -

5th Science -

5th grade English -








Religion:  Handbook Note and gold behavior policy signed by Friday, August 25

4th Math:

5th Math:  



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Welcome to Reading Class!! I am so happy to be your child's reading teacher! Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you might have. 

"You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!"- Dr. Seuss



 4th GRADE words - TEST in MAY

with     from     were     there     which     witch     how     their     would     could     people     first     who     now     know     after     sentence     through     want     does     because     different     picture     off     answer     should     hear     between     school     thought     don't     always     important     color     until     children   questions      problem     complete     knew     since     piece     friends     remember     listen     several     hundred     cried     finally     decided     carefully     brought     special     believe     probably     written     beautiful     finished     weather     months     paragraph     describe



5th GRADE words - TEST in MAY

  from     which     witch     their     could     our     sentence     where     through     because     different     picture     off     answer     should     thought     example     always     together     important     children     enough     mountain     problem     complete     knew     piece     usually     friends     whole     measure     several     morning     hundred     certain     finally     front     decided     carefully     known     brought     though     language     thousands     government     special     perhaps     believe     probably     written     beautiful     finished     discovered     million     weather     months     paragraph     whether     clothes     describe  







Be Honest

Be Kind

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Your Best

As you can see, the rules are very simple yet encompass the behavior we wish to exhibit as young Catholics. Each clasroom has a clip chart so the students will be aware of how their day is going.  If at any time there is a growing concern about a student's behavior, parents will be contacted so the issue can be discussed and resolved.  Students who are ready to learn, come prepared, and make wise choices throughout the week will be very successful.