Mrs. Cathy Naleway --P.E., Elementary

Mrs. Cathy Naleway --P.E., Elementary

Mrs. Cathy Naleway --P.E., Elementary

Mrs. Cathy Naleway --P.E., Elementary




















































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Pass Patterns

wide receiver patterns route passing tree


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No PE clothes 3x=school issued detention.  2 points will be taken off of daily PE grade.  There will be no miss counted for borrowing clothes but points will be taken off daily grade.

Required heart rate belt must be brought to P.E. classes daily.


All students may leave backpacks upstairs unless otherwise directed.

Boys go down the gym stairs.

Girls go down the hallway stairs.

No one goes past their locker room door.  Anyone caught doing this will receive an automatic detention issued by Mrs. Naleway  or Mrs. Nevius.

If locker rooms are too loud a teacher will announce that they will be coming in to check.

All students have 5 minutes from the time the bell rings to get to gym, down to the locker room and dress.

If you are late due to talking to a teacher, you must bring a note with you to class.

Gym doors will close after 5 minutes.  Students will receive points off of daily grade for being late to class.


If the student must sit out of PE for 1-3 days, a note from parent/guardian is required. 

Long term will require a note from a doctor and also a release form when returning to PE.  

Students sitting out will not dress.  They will work on Sports packet to earn daily points. 

Athletes must participate in PE on days that they will be participating in school practices or games.  If they sit out of PE, they must sit out of practice/games that day.


Leave backpacks neatly in bleachers.

Go to locker room and change. (5 minutes)

Come upstairs and sit in squad order.

Attendance will be taken.  Sit quietly.


Drills and Skills at beginning of new unit.

Game explanations concerning activity.

Game participation.

 Target heart rate reached will be part of grade.

Wrap up activity, cool down and discussion.

DAILY POINTS =10 per day 20 per week at JH and 30 per week at Elementary.  Participation/Target Heart Rate, Fitness, Effort, Respect, Sportsmanship and Dress. 1-5 points off for each at the teacher's discretion.









1.   Defensive Team:    The team without the ball.

2.   Offensive Team:    The team with the ball trying to score.

3.   Touchdown:     An act where a player with the ball crosses over an opponent’s goal line.                                                              A touchdown is worth 6 points. An extra point is worth 1 point.

                              (In P.E. we count the extra point and make a touchdown  worth 7 Points.)

4.  Fumble:    When a player who has the ball loses control of it, causing it to fall to the ground.

5.  Line of  Scrimmage:    This is an imaginary line that marks the ends of the ball nearest to each team’s

 goal line. This separates the offense from the defense.

6.  End Zone:    The area between the goal line and the end line of the field.

7.  Punt:    The act of putting the ball into play other than by hiking or kicking off.

8.  Hand-Off:   A play where the ball is handed to another player who attempts to run for a gain of yardage.

9.  Lateral Pass:    A play where the ball is thrown in an underhand manner to another player.

The lateral pass cannot be thrown forward. 

10.  Offsides:    When a player  on either team moves past the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped  

                            by the center.

11.  Incomplete Pass:   When a receiver or end drops a pass that is thrown.

12   Interception:      When a pass is caught by a member of the defensive team. 

13.  Downs:   A down is the time of the play which starts with the hike and ends when the ball is dead or a        

                      touchdown is scored.  Each team is allowed 4 downs to reach the first down mark or score.

       A first down occurs after a certain amount of yards has been gained. 

                      (In P.E. it is when the offense crosses the centerline on the field.)      

                      If the offense fails to advance the ball to the first down line, then the defense takes over from     

                      the spot of the last down.

14.  Center:    The person who hikes the ball.

15.  Quarterback:    The person who receives the ball from the Center.

16.   End:    The person who runs a pass pattern to receive the pass from the quarterback. (Receiver)

17.   Halfback:  The person who is positioned to the side of and slightly behind the quarterback.

                            The halfback may run pass pattern or receive a handoff to gain yardage.

18.  Touchback:    When a kick-off or punt lands in or goes through the end zone.

                                 (In P.E. we bring it to the line about 10 yard from the end zone.)

19.  Huddle:     Two or more players conferring between downs.

20.  Dead Ball:     Occurs when the team or player in possession drops the ball or a flag has been pulled

                              and can no longer advance.

                                Players may pick up fumbles in P.E. except on a lateral or pitch that touches the ground.


Pass Patterns:  Be able to draw and name these for the test.

Fly                   Post                Flag              In             Out                  Curl                 Hook










Extra Information:  A regulation, tackle, football team has 11 players. The field is 100 yards long

A first down in regulation football is when the ball is advanced 10 yards or more.

A pitch is similar to a lateral pass, but may not be thrown forward. A Shotgun formation is when the QB stands back from the Center to receive the hike.