Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dana Kessinger - 2nd Grade




Important May Dates:

**Spirit wear Day--Monday, May 7th

**Historic St. Patrick's First Communion--Sunday, May 9th @ 9:00 am

**First Communion Mass and Celebration Day--Thursday, May 10th

**Field Day--Thursday, May 24th

**Last Day of School--Friday, May 25th (early dismissal)


Click on the web address below for links to favorite games, songs and websites that go with what we are (and will be) learning at school this year:



Be sure to check the homework tab below to see what is due and when!


Holy Trinity Parish:

First Reconciliation Parent meeting--(6:30) Oct. 23, 2017 @ Holy Trinity Parish Center

First Reconciliation--(9:00) Jan. 20, 2018

First Communion Parent meeting--(6:30) Feb.19, 2018 @ Holy Trinity Parish Center 

First Communion--(10:00) April 22, 2018 with rehearsal on April 21 @ 9:00


St. Patrick's of Merna Parish:

First Reconciliation Parent meeting--(6:30) Nov. 27, 2017 @ Shamrock Hall

First Reconciliation--(6:30) Jan. 25, 2018  OR  (9:00) Jan. 27, 2018

First Communion parent/child meeting--(6:30) Mar. 8, 2018

First Communion--(6:00) April 28, 2018 with rehearsal on April 27 @ 6:30  OR

                              (1:00) April 29, 2018 with rehearsal on April 28 @ 9:00



So what are we learning about in Second Grade right now?

Religion--We are finishing our unit on First Communion.  Woo-hoo!  We learned the significance of the different parts of the Mass (including appropriate responses), as well as the objects used or seen at Mass.  Our final First Communion/Mass test is on Wednesday, May 2nd. 

English--We are continuing to work on using capitals and correct punctuation during morning "Tune Ups."  We have even introduced dialogue sentences and using quotation marks.  We have been working on identifying verbs in a sentence, as well as learning the rules to making verbs past tense by adding -ed (and possibly making a spelling change to the root word).  We will finish up with some irregular past tense verbs and then we will briefly work on identifying adverbs in a sentence.

Spelling--"Bonus Spellers" is well under way.  If your child has a perfect pretest then they will be given the bonus list of words to work on instead for the week. (PLEASE REMEMBER THAT BONUS LISTS REQUIRE MORE STUDY TIME!) For "regular spellers", these final lists will be working on compound words, contractions, r-controlled vowels, word endings, prefixes and suffixes.  The next review will be at the end of the year and will consist of 50 words from any of our previous lists. 

Reading--We are continuing to work on using the text evidence in a story to answer various questions, even while using some of our content area textbooks.  We have also restarted with our small Guided Reading groups which will work on the skills of drawing conclusions, fact and opinion and cause and effect (just to name a few!).

Writing--Our last big writing assignment for the year will be about dreams for our summer vacations using 3rd grade sentences!  Be sure to stop by around mid May to check out what we came up with!

Math--We are still working hard on Rocket Math and learning our basic facts quickly and accurately. (Be sure to ask your student what their Rocket Math goal is and what level or letter they are on so we can keep them moving in the right direction.) We have just finished the half of the chapter on counting money and are currently working on the half of the chapter about telling time. These can be difficult for some, so please plan on working with your child on these skills.

Science/Social Studies--We are learning so much with our Simple Solution books!  In Social Studies we have learned about resources, Native Americans and early America,  government, taxes, as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizens.  In Science, we are working on space and matter, in addition to what we already learned about weather, clouds, living and nonliving, animals, plants, etc. is a lot to know, so check out our Quizlet page to help you!

Extras-- Be sure to ask your child about our brainbuilding activities and what they are doing to try to earn a brain bead.  We finished The Doll People and are looking forward to another read aloud soon.  Hmmmmm....what should I read next?

Unit 1: sad, dig, jam, glad, list, win, flat, if, fix, was, want, been

Unit 2: wet, job, hug, rest, spot, mud, just, help, plum, said, of, does

Unit 3:  cake, mine, plate, size, ate, grape, prize, wipe, pile, rake, give, have

Unit 4: these, nose, use, rose, pole, close, cute, those, mule, one, love, come

Unit 5: tap, tape, fin, fine, tub, tube, rob, robe, cap, cape, slid, slide

Unit 7: next, spin, clip, grade, swim, plant, last, test, skin, left, drag, glide

Unit 8:  doll, full, dress, spell, add, hill, class, pull, kiss, mess, fell, spill

Unit 9:  dish, what, than, chest, such, thin, push, shine, chase, while, catch, sure

Unit 10: end, camp, thank, sing, drink, hunt, stand, long, thump, hand, think, bring

Unit 11: milk, neck, ask, snake, truck, kick, smoke, rock, desk, black, lake, trick

Unit 13: pay, wait, paint, cave, train, shake, pail, whale, clay, away, they, great

Unit 14: free, each, clean, teeth, please, sheep, beach, wheel, team, speak, sneeze, people 

Unit 15: old, own, most, soap, float, hold, both, know, cold, do, goes, toe

Unit 16: night, kind, spy, child, light, find, right, high, wild, July, eye, buy

Unit 17: meet, meat, week, weak, road, rode, tail, tale, be, bee, too, two

Unit 19: days, bikes, boxes, beaches, wishes, dresses, names, bells, stamps, dishes, grapes, children

Unit 20: cot, face, goal, gym, city, page, plug, crash, place, gone, brag, nice

Unit 21: tall, saw, dog, draw, call, fall, soft, paw, ball, yawn, log, small

Unit 22: boot, took, new, moon, blew, book, soon, grew, foot, room, you, who 

Unit 23: cow, house, town, shout, down, mouse, found, loud, brown, ground, could, should

Unit 25: cannot, pancake, maybe, baseball, playground, someone, myself, classroom, sunshine, outside, upon, nothing

Unit 26: I'm, don't, isn't, we've, we'll, it's, I've, didn't, you're, you'll, wasn't, can't

Unit 31: running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, telling, pinned, hugging, sitting, rubbed, missed, pulled

Unit 32: liked, using, riding, chased, spilled, making, closed, hoping, baked, hiding, named, packed

Unit 34: unhappy, retell, unsafe, unkind, repaint, refill, unlike, remake, unpack, reread, unlock, rename

Unit 35: helpful, sadly, hopeful, thankful, slowly, wishful, kindly, useful, safely, painful, mouthful, weakly



Daily Homework:

1. Practice Spelling words---final test on Friday

2. Work on the Common Core (Math/ELA) paper---due on Friday

                   3. Read the fluency homework with an adult---due on Friday                                     

 4. Complete assigned Simple Solutions lesson---due on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (quiz on every 5th day!)

5. Practice prayers and basic facts (until they are memorized) 

6. Read at least 10 minutes a day (and complete your log)


No homework!  Have an AWESOME summer!  See you next year!