Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

Mrs. Kelly Sims - Junior High English Language Arts

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What can you do to make Lent more meaningful  this year? 
Be sure to take some time to look over my website.  I update the information each week, giving you information about what we're doing in class each week as well as projected assignments and projects for each grade level.
Don't hesitate to email me with any questions you may have!
Throughout the year, students will do a variety of writing assignments and projects in class where they will use the schools laptops. It is really important for the them to have a USB flash drive so they can save their work.






































































































These assignments are projected and may be subject to change if the schedule should be changed, if our pace is not as quick as I predicted, or if we need to spend a bit more time on the lesson.  Assignments won't be due any earlier; however, they maybe pushed back a day or two!


6th Grade

 Simple Solutions 101-104

 Spelling packet

 Maniac Magee chapters 1-5 worksheet, chapters 6-16 worksheet

 English book pages 124-125 # 1-30

 English book pages 166 #1-13; 167 # 1-14; page 168 #1-11

 English book pages 126-127 # 1-22

 English book page 161 # 1-16


7th Grade

 Simple Solutions 101-104

 Heat chapters 27-28, enrichment worksheet

 Heat test is Thursday

 English book page 316

 'Writing with Pronouns' worksheet

 Spelling test is Friday


8th Grade

 Simple Solutions lessons 97-100

 English book pages 338

 English book pages 309-311 # 1-24

 The Contender chapters 16-20

 The Contender test is next week

 Spelling test is Thursday


























In English, 6th graders will continue their chapter on verbs.  This week we will discuss direct objects and transitive/intransitive verbs.


In Literature, we will continue reading Maniac Magee.  This week, we will finish reading chapters 1-5 and do the guided reading.  Towards the end of the week we will begin reading and discussing chapters 6-16.

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In English, 7th graders continue their study of pronouns.  This week we will discuss writing with pronouns.

In Literature, 7th graders will finish reading Heat.

This week we will read and discuss chapters 27-28.  The test over Heat will be Thursday.


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In English, 8th graders will continue the chapter on pronouns.  This week we will discuss pronouns and their antecedents, using clear antecedents, and pronoun case.


8th graders will continue working on rewriting children's book as comic books.  This project is due the week after Easter.


In Literature, we will continue reading The Contender, reading chapter 17-20.  The test over The Contender will be next week.

The Contender is a coming-of-age novel whose protagonist, a black seventeen-year-old high school dropout named Alfred Brooks, lives with his Aunt Pearl and her three daughters in Harlem, a predominantly African American neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City, in the mid-1960s. Alfred's father deserted the family when Alfred was ten years old; his mother died when he was thirteen. On both occasions, his best friend, James, stood by him.


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Bonus activities:  choose any of the bonus activities for your grade level. 

6th grade bonus activities:

 1.  Design a Card:  Imagine you work for a greeting card company.  You are asked to design a birthday card.  Fold a sheet of paper in half.  Think of a birthday message that contains all four sentence types - declarative, exclamatory, interrogative, and imperative.  Write the message on the card, using correct punctuation.  Illustrate the front of the card.

2.  Pyramid Description: Write a five-line pyramid description.  See the example.  Line one: simple subject.  Line two: add a simple predicate.  Line three: add descriptive words to the subject.   Line four: add 'and' and another verb to form a compound predicate.  Line five: Add a subordinating conjunction and another sentence to form a complex sentenct.


                                                                                             Wind Blows

                                                                                         A raw wind blows.

                                                                                 A raw wind blows and howls.

                                                                 A raw wind blows and howls before the rain begins.



7th grade bonus activities:

1. Choose two nouns that are opposites, such as morning and evening.  Write a seven-line poem about them.  Center each line to make a diamond.  Write one noun in line one and the other in line seven.  Write the following in lines 2-6:  Line two: two adjectives that describe  the noun in line one.  Line three:  three present participles that describe the noun in line one.  Line four: four nouns that relate to either the noun in line one or in line seven.  Line five: Three present participles that describe the noun in line seven.  Line six: two adjectives that describe the noun in line seven.


                                                                                    dark, mysterious

                                                                             falling, lasting, changing

                                                                       stars, sunshine, moonlight, mist

                                                                           breaking, shining, dawning

                                                                                     light, beautiful




8th grade bonus activities:

 1. Clause Capers:  Choose a subordinating conjunction from page 408.  Write a subordinate clause starting with that conjunction. Make each following word begin with the next letter of the conjunction. Underline the first letter of each word.  Then add an independent clause to form a complex sentence.  See how many sentences you can write using the same subordinating conjunction.


                                     Unless Ned Lehman eats some supper, he won't have energy for the soccer game.