Mrs. Laura Kiley - Preschool

Mrs. Laura Kiley - Preschool

Mrs. Laura Kiley - Preschool

Mrs. Laura Kiley - Preschool



Mrs.  Kiley



  Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!


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Important Dates:





May 24~ Play Day and last day for Pre-K

Have a wonderful summer!  






Math: assessments

ABC :  Y for ABC book

Art: abc book covers

Red: picnic patterns


In Religion we are talking about Mary and reciting the Hail Mary.




Our morning offering


O, Loving God.

I give you this day.

All that I think, and do, and say.

I give you my love with Jesus your son.

Today I will try to love everyone.



Happy Summer 



Leo, Berlyn, and Parker!


















































Star Student Information

Monday-bring in a decorated poster of pictures to display for the week. Posters will be returned at the end of the week.

Wednesday-Student may bring in a special show and tell. This is in addition to the weekly show and tell for the class.

Thursday- Student may have a visitor come in to read a favorite book to the class and bring a snack to share.**Please remember all snacks must be peanut free due to severe allergies** Snacks that contain peanuts/nuts can not be served. Thanks for your understanding!




This information will be useful throughout the year.          

 Show and Tell will be every Friday. (Or the last day of the week). There will be a theme for each week. For example, B (bugs) - Students can either bring in a bug or something that starts with the letter B. Students need to be prepared to tell 2 things about their show and tell.           


Birthdays will be celebrated in school. Parents are welcome to visit for snack or bring in special treats.   Reminder that we are a peanut-free school. Please do not send any snacks with peanuts or peanut butter. They will be returned. Snacks with a label reading “May contain traces of nuts” or “made on equipment that also processes nuts” will not be allowed due to severe allergies. Parents are welcome to send in favors in place of treats if desired.  (All birthday celebration suggestions are optional and definitely not mandatory!) Summer birthdays can be celebrated any time throughout the year- let me know when you want to celebrate it ahead of time. Birthday party invitations may be passed out in school bags if ALL STUDENTS IN THE CLASS are invited. If not all are invited, please send them through the mail.   

Please check the class webpage on a regular basis. I will update it weekly as to what we will be doing each week. I will also send home a weekly sheet telling you the theme, letter, star student, religion lesson, centers, and stories for the week.              


 We will take scheduled bathroom breaks every day. Please encourage your child to use the bathroom before coming to school.    We hope to eliminate numerous trips to the bathrooms, as there are other classes using them during their scheduled breaks.              


 We plan to take field trips this year. For all trips, students will need signed permission slips and car seats to attend. Drivers must be Safe Environment trained, must have background checks, and must be fingerprinted ahead of time. The office must have records of this before the field trip. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you have any ideas for a field trip, please let me know. Safe Environment trainings are offered throughout the year.                   


 Please send your child to school with their empty tote bag and folder. Many papers will be sent home on Fridays.  If the office has an important notice to send before Friday, you may have a folder/note any day of the week.  

The Behavior Management system for the classroom is

  1. Verbal warnings
  2. Students who end the day on green will be allowed to put a sticker on their caterpillar/bead on necklace

When the students fill their caterpillar with stickers/necklace with beads, they may choose something from the prize box.




My name is Laura Kiley.  I am a graduate of Holy Trinity (now Corpus Christi) Catholic School. This is my 15th year here at Corpus Christi.  I taught my first 2 years in Kindergarten and  have taught preschool for 13 years.  I have four children who also attend Corpus Christi.  Jameson is in sixth grade, Campbell is in fourth grade, Adeline is in second grade, and Dax is in preschool.  I look forward to working with you this year.  We will learn so much and will have lots of fun while doing it!