4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

4th 5th Team

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Religion- None

Music- Practice your recorder for class...concert is this Wednesday (4/23)

Other- None




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 Mass Objects Quiz (NO WORD BANK/SPELLING COUNTS) - TU 5/8














 4th Grade- Kingdoms of Life (Chapter 1)

*Key Vocabulary-
Lesson 1 (Cells)- cell, oxygen, organism, tissue, organ, organ system
Lesson 2 (Classifying Living Things)- trait, kingdom
Lesson 3 (The Plant Kingdom)- roots, root hairs, stem, photosynthesis, stomata, transpiration, respiration, spore
Lesson 4 (How Seed Plants Reproduce)- seed, reproduction, ovary, pollination, fertilization, germination, life cyle

5th Grade- Ecosystems and Biomes (Chapter 4)

*Key Vocabulary-
Lesson 1 (Cycles in Ecosystems)- water cycle, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, watershed, runoff, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, compost
Lesson 2 (Changes in Ecosystems)- extinct species, endangered species, threatened species, succession, primary succession, pioneer species, pioneer community, 
                                                               climax community, secondary succession
Lesson 3 (Biomes)- biome, desert, tundra, taiga, tropical rain forest, temperate rain forest, deciduous forest, grassland
Lesson 4 (Water Ecosystems)- plankton, nekton, benthos, intertidal zone, estuary











Be Honest

Be Kind

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Your Best

As you can see, the rules are very simple yet encompass the behavior we wish to exhibit as young Catholics. Each clasroom has a clip chart so the students will be aware of how their day is going.  If at any time there is a growing concern about a student's behavior, parents will be contacted so the issue can be discussed and resolved.  Students who are ready to learn, come prepared, and make wise choices throughout the week will be very successful. We will be using the Class Dojo app this year. Please load the app and get your access code from your child's teacher.